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Serena Williams Wanted To Talk About "Push Presents" And Her Fans Were Not Here For It

"Push presents are for basics and definitely not a conversation you should want to take part in." Yikes.

You know Serena Williams – gave birth five minutes ago, is a world champion, things of that nature.

Well, yesterday she posted this gorgeous photo of her with her sweet baby Alexis, along with a question for her fans: "Ladies is a 'push present' a thing?"

Ooooh, Serena, I don't know if you knew this but push presents are kind of a controversial topic.

SO. WTF is a push present?

But I guess it turns out getting gifts for giving birth isn't super duper relatable for a lot of people?

And they want you to know.


But then some commenters were like:

Like, Price Is Right style.

I mean, it is somebody's birthday.

And there's always the sentimental angle.

Idk. Seems like maybe a tennis bracelet would be appropriate?