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23 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Family Can Make At Home

Quiet time AND an inexpensive gift that shows you care? Don't mind if I do.

1. Adorable pine cone elves.

2. Glove monsters.

3. Homemade bouncy balls!

4. A handprint ornament of Santa's face.

5. All kinds of impressive macaroni art.

6. This string art to remind faraway family where their heart is.

7. Bath bombs are easy and always a crowd pleaser.

8. These colorful finger knit bracelets.

9. These DIY apple jars can be filled with candy or gift cards!

10. Mason Jar pencil holders can be put together in a pinch.

11. These custom book marks are almost too cute to pass up.

12. Preserve your little one's precious artwork forever on custom plates like these.

13. These clay DIY bowls can be stunning or playful....

14. Make this sweet stovetop potpourri as a family.

15. Bird seed ornaments are bound to attract new friends.

16. Lego picture puzzles are great for fidgety fingers.

17. There's always room for more mugs.

18. These watercolor mugs are so easy, it hurts.

19. Monograms can always be reinvented.

20. ...And make a great gift for families.

21. Hot cocoa mix ornaments will warm their recipient from the inside, out.

22. A glowing winter scene will cozy-fy any mantle.

23. And of course, you can always send a hug for free!