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    OMG! Rider Strong Is Now A Dad!

    The star of Boy Meets World and your teen bedroom ceiling has welcomed his first child. Wuuuuuut?

    Boy Meets World fans, brace yourselves. Shawn Hunter is officially someone's dad.

    Your favorite bad boy Rider Strong and his wife Alexandra Barreto have welcomed their first child.

    The couple, who never announced that they were expecting, surprised fans with the birth of their son, named Indigo Baretto Strong.

    But wait... how could this be?

    Weren't we just fanning out to his teen antics, like yesterday?

    Apparently not.

    It's not enough that Cory and Topanga play parents on Girl Meets World, but now Shawn has to go and be one in real life? It's almost too much.

    Congratulations, Rider and Alexandra!

    As for the rest of you, you're old.