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19 Hacks Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know

...If you're pregnant. Or really full.

1. Hair ties are your pants' new best friend.

2. DIY a belly band out of a tank top to add extra length to your tops without piling on the sweaty layers.

3. Can't keep anything down? Give potato chips and lemonade a try.

Ginger and watermelon (or, y'know, ginger candies and watermelon Jolly Ranchers) are also favorites among moms who've been there.

4. Still nauseated? Consider prenatal yoga.

5. Don't waste your money on pregnancy bras. Just buy a few stretchy sports bras.

6. Also skip the maternity boutique and pick up a few "bra-back extenders" at your local craft store.

They're legit one quarter the price of the maternity store version, and you'll appreciate the room around your esophagus.

7. Some states will issue you a temporary disabled parking placard.

8. If you live in a warm climate, keep a bra in the freezer.

9. Your pregnancy pillow is your new best friend.

10. If you just can't be comfortable without lying on your belly, you could always pick up a giant inner tube.

11. Apple cider vinegar is great for heartburn.

If you can stomach it.

12. Keep a list handy so when someone says "Is there anything I can do for you?" you can respond with a confident "yes!"

13. In fact, it's a good idea to put together a whole "infant first aid" kit before the baby arrives.

14. Buy some comfy, up-sized joggers at the beginning of your pregnancy that will double as transition clothes when the baby is born.

15. Use kenesio tape to relieve pregnancy-related discomfort.

16. There's a lot of extra blood flow to your lady areas during this time, so it's a good idea to use a little numbing spray before you go for a wax.

17. While you're at the drugstore, get yourself some Cal-Mag.

18. Got leg cramps? Electrolyte water and bananas are another great fix.

19. Keep yourself hydrated.

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