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Pink's Elf On The Shelf #MomFail Is Too Fucking Relatable


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You know Alecia Beth Moore, aka Pink, aka the woman who gives us ALL THE LIFE as a mom.

I know you didn't forget about that speech she gave to her daughter at the VMAs. I'm still nodding and crying.

No, but seriously she made that Halloween costume herself. Arena tours and Pinterest, huh? Not bad, not bad.

And oooooh are Ms. Willow and her baby bro Jameson ready for the holidays.

But like the rest of us, mama Pink is #tired, man, and well...


I mean, who among us can cast the first stone on that one?

Yesterday my daughter wouldn't even let me hug her in the morning because she blamed my coughing for keeping Sparkle up all night, OBVIOUSLY preventing her from returning to the North Pole. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pink, I gotta say, no judgment girl, but THREE DAYS? It doesn't have to be intricate, but maybe like, move him to the left a little, OK? Your fans support you.


Or don't. You're literally amazing at momming.


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