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    47 Perfect Family Photos

    The key ingredient is love.

    Morgan Shanahan / BuzzFeed

    1. This tight-knit trio.

    Leigh Miller

    2. This mama who has her girl's back.

    Leigh Miller

    3. This growing family.

    Jenny Chiu

    4. This family of three.

    Dana Robinson

    5. This sleepy duo.

    Dana Robinson

    6. These three.

    Desiree Jacobs

    7. This once-teen-mom and her now teen daughter.

    Tim Liu

    8. These handsome men.

    Jack Hollingsworth / Getty Images

    9. This newly minted family of five.

    Marie-Helene Roussel

    10. These explorers in search of their next adventure.

    11. This extended family welcoming their newest addition.

    12. These raven haired lovelies.

    Mandy Morrison

    13. This grinning unit.

    14. These kiss-y faces.

    Samantha Cox Leray

    15. This family, traveling forward together.

    16. This giddy little one and her loving parents.

    Laura Pryor

    17. This mother and daughter duo.

    Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

    Mother and daughter portrait

    18. These awesome grandparents.

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    19. These new moms on adoption day!

    JERRY LAMPEN / Getty Images

    20. This family.

    Evie & Jr. Photography

    21. This multigenerational bunch.

    Comstock Images / Getty Images

    22. This joyous pair.

    Two Chics Photography

    23. This ticklish girl and her family.

    Kasia Hosmer

    24. These new dads who are in for double the trouble.

    STRDEL / Getty Images

    25. This traveling family of six.

    Kristen Howerton

    26. These siblings greeting their brother.

    Amanda Rose Photography

    27. This cozy crew.

    Mike Reynolds

    28. This gourmet bunch.

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    29. These very new parents.

    Allison Kane

    30. This united pair.

    Shawn Goldberg

    31. This picture of pure happiness.

    Becca Gullion

    32. This stunning pair.

    Orhan Çam / Getty Images

    33. This guy and his mama.

    Mia Johnstone

    34. These selfie experts.

    Sarina Fierro

    35. This bunch of cuddlers.

    Synethia Rosa

    36. This laid back trio.

    Yolanda Machado

    37. This cool crew.

    Leigh Miller

    38. This husband and wife.

    Jackie Wonders

    39. This cheery trio.

    Pavel Losevsky / Getty Images

    40. These loving brothers.

    Emily Leibetrau

    41. This forward-facing dad, and his family.

    Alicia Glascock

    42. This mama and her boys.

    Lori Garcia

    43. This idyllic bunch.

    Alison Olfelt

    44. These proud siblings and their mom.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    45. This baby-wearing daddy.

    JACK GUEZ / Getty Images

    46. These new moms and their sweet baby.

    Melvindyson / Getty Images

    47. Every family is perfect.

    Bananastock / Getty Images

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