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    47 Perfect Family Photos

    The key ingredient is love.

    1. This tight-knit trio.

    2. This mama who has her girl's back.

    3. This growing family.

    4. This family of three.

    5. This sleepy duo.

    6. These three.

    7. This once-teen-mom and her now teen daughter.

    8. These handsome men.

    9. This newly minted family of five.

    10. These explorers in search of their next adventure.

    11. This extended family welcoming their newest addition.

    12. These raven haired lovelies.

    13. This grinning unit.

    14. These kiss-y faces.

    15. This family, traveling forward together.

    16. This giddy little one and her loving parents.

    17. This mother and daughter duo.

    18. These awesome grandparents.

    19. These new moms on adoption day!

    20. This family.

    21. This multigenerational bunch.

    22. This joyous pair.

    23. This ticklish girl and her family.

    24. These new dads who are in for double the trouble.

    25. This traveling family of six.

    26. These siblings greeting their brother.

    27. This cozy crew.

    28. This gourmet bunch.

    29. These very new parents.

    30. This united pair.

    31. This picture of pure happiness.

    32. This stunning pair.

    33. This guy and his mama.

    34. These selfie experts.

    35. This bunch of cuddlers.

    36. This laid back trio.

    37. This cool crew.

    38. This husband and wife.

    39. This cheery trio.

    40. These loving brothers.

    41. This forward-facing dad, and his family.

    42. This mama and her boys.

    43. This idyllic bunch.

    44. These proud siblings and their mom.

    45. This baby-wearing daddy.

    46. These new moms and their sweet baby.

    47. Every family is perfect.