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51 Parents Who Are Totally Nailing This Halloween Thing

It's not a competition. But if it were, you'd be losing.

1. Whoever came up with this jellyfish.

2. The creator of this pineapple who considered both comfort and style.

3. This parent who is making you hungry.

4. This parent with a retro sensibility.

5. The parents who built this invisible jet.

6. These parents who have quality taste in programming.

7. The parents who had enough free time to do this:

8. These parents who put their own spin on things.

9. The parents of this terrifying little girl.

10. These macabre parents.

11. The creative parents of both Steve and Nemo.

12. The parents of this literary little guy.

13. These parents who care "a whole awful lot."

14. These roarsome parents.

15. These parents who've planned kind of a strange tea party.

16. Batgirl's guardians.

17. These parents who will be waiting up all night.

18. The parents of this sweet strawberry.

19. This parent who is definitely trolling their kid.

20. This-a mama-or-a-papa.

21. Whoever came up with baby Mackelmore.

22. Gru.

23. The parents of this creepy crawler.

24. These upcycling parents.

25. Luke and Leia's grandparents.

26. These parents who went the extra mile...twice.

27. Glinda's parents.

28. These theatrical parents.

29. The parents of this very intimidating Scarecrow.

30. The parents responsible for unleashing this evil minion.

31. These future stage parents.

32. These twisted parents.

33. These parents who are about to have their brains eaten.

34. Whoooooo?

35. The parents who came up with the best way ever to integrate their stroller.

36. These parents who wore their hearts on their sleeve.

37. Mummy.

38. If Cruella DeVille had parents.

39. These parents who are probably singing "This Is Halloween" right now.

40. The parents who didn't even make it out the front door.

41. The parents of this perfect peacock.

42. The Wasowskis.

43. Gambit's parents.

44. These comical parents.

45. This high-flying Mom.

46. Sully's creative parents.

47. Captain Hook's surprisingly doting mom and dad.

48. These parents who are really hoping he doesn't leave this on the floor.

49. The baker of this stud muffin.

50. These parents who are making you hungry.

51. These parents who've been bringing it year after year.

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