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    17 Semi-Horrifying Moments That Make Parents Say "Ugh, As If"

    You're like, totally buggin'.

    1. There's that moment when you pick up your infant from their favorite bouncy seat and realize they somehow pooped in their hair.

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    Or y'know, they pee in your face while you're changing their diaper.

    2. When people you barely even know call you "mommy" or "daddy".

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    TBH it even creeps me out when my own mother does it.

    3. When your first-grader starts doing that thing where they tell you how to act in public.

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    Seriously? You like, invented them.

    4. Rushing into the doctor’s office (late, natch) and THUNK, hitting your sleeping baby’s head on the doorway.

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    It's FINE. They didn't even wake up. Maybe mention that goose egg to the doctor?

    5. When your teen tells you that their plans for the evening are totally innocent and there's definitely no reason to check in.

    6. When another parent tells you EXACTLY what they think you're doing wrong.

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    7. Or when your kid finally asks where babies come from.

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    8. When you find our your daughter was the only one in the grade NOT invited to join the Girl Scout Troop.

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    Whatever, losers.

    9. Every time your neighbor asks when your only child is going to get a sibling.

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    Some families are small, okay?

    10. When your tween asks to push their curfew back an hour because EVERYONE ELSE IS STAYING OUT.

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    11. You just realized your 9-year-old has been reading in bed since you said goodnight and it's now 11pm.

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    12. When you completely forgot it's your week to drive carpool.

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    13. When you inevitably convince yourself that all the other parents you know have it more together than you.

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    Spoiler alert: They don't.

    14. When your partner gives the OK to something your kid definitely knows you would have never gone for.

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    Look alive, partner! You've been played.

    15. When your kid is melting down over not wanting to leave the park and every parent within earshot is giving you side-eye.

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    16. When everyone from the waitress to your coworker thinks they have the answer to your child's carb-only diet.

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    Oh no totally you can solve a problem I've been working on FOR YEARS in under five minutes, I'm SO sure.

    17. When despite it all, they grow up to be an actual pleasant human being.

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