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17 Painfully Retro Baby Names Worth Bringing Back

Because sometimes a new baby comes with an old soul.

1. Ida

Tommasolizzul / Getty Images

Forget Ava and Eden! Ida, the 10th most popular name of 1915, is going to make you one hell of a noodle kugel.

2. Chester

Fuse / Getty Images

Chester hit the top 100 list in the 1880s and last appeared there in 1929. Thanks to that orange Cheetos-slinging cheetah, this name now oozes mischievous cool and is ready to make its comeback.

3. Florence

Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images

Florence hasn't cracked the U.S. top 1,000 list since 1981. But can't you just see baby Flo in her little monogrammed sweater?

4. Barth

Ryan Mcvay / Getty Images

Barth (short for Bartholomew, also the given name of Bart Simpson) has never really had its moment in the spotlight. Why not 2015?

5. Dolores

Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

Finding Lola overused? Not brave enough to go for Lolita? Bring Dolores back — she hasn't been on a top baby names list since 1930!

6. Herman

Moodboard / Getty Images

Nothing says "fun-loving superstar" like Herman, a name which has basically never been popular, ever. That's what makes it cool.

7. Ernest

Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

Ernest was a top 40 name at the turn of the 20th century, around the time Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest hit the stage. Double retro bonus? Ernie is an awesome nickname.

8. Jaundice

Stockbyte / Getty Images

OK, this was never a name, but maybe it should be. Color names are in, and it's kind of pretty, isn't it?

9. Edna

Purestock / Getty Images

Edna nearly cracked the top 10 in the late 1800s and has been ripe for a comeback ever since.

10. Oedipus

Dubassy / Getty Images

Oedipus' popularity as a name dates back to the fifth century and almost never gets any play anymore. What's hipper than a name that triggers nearly everyone who meets its bearer?

11. Samson

Tetsu / Getty Images

Let that kiddo know who's boss right from the start with this biblical moniker. (Hint: It's not him.)

[Disclosure: I named my own child Delilah.]

12. Maurice

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

With a cute nickname like Maury or Mo, it's kind of shocking Maurice hit its popularity peak back in the 1870s.

13. Louella

Image Source Pink / Getty Images

What's better than one old-timey name? Combining TWO old-timey names!

Louise + Ella = Louella! The ultimate in retro naming!

14. Cain

Jacob Wackerhausen / Getty Images

While we're feeling biblical, the world's first murderer makes for a memorable namesake. Height of popularity? Genesis.

15. Bernice

Stockbyte / Getty Images

Bernice was all the rage in the first third of the 20th century. Give her a bob and make her in the image of the F. Scott Fitzgerald character.

16. Norman

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

Norman's popularity peaked in 1936. Bring it back and everyone can just call your baby "Normie."

17. Adolph

Daniel Leblanc / Getty Images

Hitler freakin' ruins everything.

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