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    19 Tweets From Women In The Process Of Giving Birth

    When the epidural fails...tweet about it.

    1. When you just don't know what else to do:

    Dear brynne, please head south. #laborproblems.

    2. When you're just fucking grossed out:

    You know what. Losing my mucus plug is disgusting. This is just a nuisance... #laborproblems

    3. When there's no TV in the labor room:

    I'm only a little sad I won't get to watch @TheWalkingDead 😭 #InLabor

    4. When this shit is just a little bit more Indiana Jones than you bargained for:

    I can't say riding in a helicopter at three in the morning was on my to do list today, but apparently it was on this baby's list. #inlabor

    5. When you know they're taking away your food as soon as you get to the hospital:

    Just crushed that @DunkinDonuts sammich. Needed. #childbirth #inlabor #ZeldaEng #welcometobirf #pregnancy

    6. When your doctor is hot:

    #inlabor and the only thought on my mind right now is "crap. I didn't shave my legs today." #pregnancyproblems #391/2weeks

    7. Tweet it out, mama.

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! Owwwwwww!!!! Owwwwww!! Oh, shit!! Make it stop!! -cries uncontrollably- #wishpanbaby #inlabor

    8. When you know yourself too well:

    Yo I am one and done! I CANNOT live through this shit twice! #inlabor

    9. When you feel that sweet relief of numbness:

    10. When you're feeling your look:

    The selfies never end #inlabor @KristenLozen

    11. When you just can't take it anymore:

    I'm about to lose my whole luh Kool. Lord Jesus....#InLabor. 󾍘󾬖󾍆

    12. Get those feelings out.

    Mya will never hear the end of her labor, never!!!! 26 hrs &we still have a while to go. I deserve mom of the year for this. #laborproblems

    13. When you're feeling rebellious:

    The blood pressure cuff keeps going off and I'm not wearing it. I hope the nurses don't think I'm dead. #LaborProblems

    14. When you're losing your mind:

    This epidural is making me feel like Rick James on The Chappelle Show. "What am I gonna do about my legs, Charlie Murphy?" #LaborProblems

    15. When your hashtag game is still strong as hell:

    #momlife #lactating #inlabor #willgivebirthatschool #lookout #dialated #hastagparent

    16. Tell 'em how you feel.

    17. When you want others to learn from your mistakes:

    Note to self do not watch something funny while having contractions #owie #laborproblems

    18. When you're keeping it real:

    Whyyyy Di contractions make you feel like you're going to shit yourself #laborproblems

    19. And when things finally go your way:

    Finally being able to go to the bathroom is the best feeling ever!! #laborproblems

    Preach, mamas. #omgwtfthisisawful

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