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Celebrating New Years Eve Before Having Kids Vs Celebrating With Kids


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Before Kids: Planning

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You talk to pretty much every one you know and compare your party options.

After Kids: Planning

You're still recovering from Christmas when you realize it's New Year's Eve.

Before Kids: Anticipation

You can't wait to rip it up at at that hot club across town with thousands of strangers until three or four in the morning!

After Kids: Anticipation


No one is willing to babysit on New Years (especially not when you call them the day before), but you got another couple with kids to agree to come over for dinner and fake the countdown at nine pm, so you're psyched.

Before Kids: Wardrobe

Assasins Creed

You put on your best threads. You might even buy a new outfit.

After Kids: Wardrobe

The world is lucky if anyone in your house is wearing pants.

Before Kids: Pregaming


After Kids: Pregaming

You play an actual board game.

Before Kids: Refreshments

Whatever you want! It's NYE!

After Kids: Refreshments

ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR AFTER 4PM. If those kids aren't asleep by 9:30 the new year is officially ruined.

Before Kids: Party Time!


You roll up and get your Beyoncé on. It's 10pm.

After Kids: Party Time!


You find a ball drop on YouTube or Netflix and celebrate fake midnight as soon as the sun sets.

Before Kids: Party Foul

A stranger barfs on you. Or passes out on you.

After Kids: Party Foul

You might actually get shit on.

Before Kids: Ten Minutes To Midnight


Your designated driver gets wasted and has a melt down in the bathroom.

After Kids: Ten Minutes To Midnight


One of your kids is still up, drunk with exhaustion, and has a meltdown in the bathroom.

Before Kids: Happy New Year!!!

New Line Cinema


After Kids: Happy New Year!!!

United Artists


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