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15 Minimalist Hacks To Maximize Your Life

Mo' stuff, mo' problems.

Jeltje Janmaat/ House of Pictures / Via

1. Purge, don't organize.

Organizing now means reorganizing later, again and again and again. If you haven't touched it in six months, toss it or re-home it, but don't store it.

2. Consider your "reducables".

Sure, you'll never toss all your towels, but do you need 15? What about your five mixing bowls and three butcher knives? Duplicate items will never be missed.

3. Stop bargain hunting.

Buy what you need (and only what you need) when you need it. Just because it's nice and on sale doesn't mean it must be yours.

4. Repurpose your time.

The average american spends 8 hours a week cleaning and dealing with STUFF. Time spent purging your clutter will reappear as leisure time down the road.

5. Use it or lose it.

Give your wardrobe a minimal overhaul and discover less stress getting dressed and lots of time saved on laundry.

6. Start small.

Looking at piles upon piles of stuff and wondering where to begin? Try anywhere. Grab a box, open a drawer and start evaluating.

7. Look to the future.

When considering adding possessions, try to picture the item in your home six months from now. You'll generally find that you can skip it.

8. Do it now.

Never leave for later what you could sort now. And if you stray from that philosophy, never pass an object in need of a home (especially if that home is the garbage).

9. Keep your counters clear.

If it doesn't fit in a cabinet, ask yourself if you use it often enough to warrant looking at it every day. I'm looking at you, juicer.

10. Dream in color.

While neutrals and grey tones are a hallmark of the minimalist movement, there's no rulebook. Go ahead, add a splash of color.

11. Can't stop, won't stop.

Minimalism, like life, is a process. Stay vigilant as new clutter finds you.

12. Replace rather than increase.

Buying something new? Swap out something old.

13. Make a minimalist wish list.

Rather than spending your money on things, consider investing in experiences or services that will enrich your life without cluttering your home.

14. Don't let consumption consume you.

“One can furnish a home very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.” —Francis Jourdain

15. "Omit Needless Things"

The principle comes from "Elements of Style" co-author William Strunk, Jr. and can be beautifully applied to all aspects of life.

Less is more.

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