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Millie Bobby Brown Just Insta-Confirmed Her Relationship With Jacob Sartorius And I Have Butterflies


You know Millie Bobby Brown. She can crush your spine with a single thought? Yeah, that one.

And, do you know Jacob Sartorius? phenom turned real-life-touring-rockstar? Mmmmm hmmmmm. Him.

Well, rumors have been flying all over social media that they have been crushing for quite some time. They've been liking each other's posts, you guys. LIKING EACH OTHER'S POSTS!

They've left clues here and there, like on Jan. 12 when Millie posted a photo of herself with a teddy bear and the caption "thanks for the bear," to which Jacob responded – with a RED heart – "Course."


And like, I mean:

i think about the future a lot better w you in it

But guys. They just made it Instagram official.

Of course Twitter has things to say, but only one of them is important:

hey everybody friendly reminder that millie bobby brown and jacob sartorius are children. remember your relationshi…

Red hearts all around.