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17 Meaningful Gifts To Give At Baby Showers

They're about to get a baby, so this better be good.

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1. Your favorite children's books.

Put together a stack of your own (or the parent-to-be's!) childhood favorites for the baby-to-be.

2. Commemorate the most important trip they've ever taken.

Great for travel lovers, having the birthplace of their baby-to-be hammered into a cuff is a great way to remind new parents that the greatest journey is still ahead.

3. A certificate for a birth or newborn photo session. / Via

Moments that come along once in a lifetime deserve to be captured. Your friends will forever treasure having professional photos from their early moments/days as a family.

4. A delicate necklace featuring baby's birth stone for the mom-to-be.

5. This DIY growth chart.

Cute as heck and it can move with a growing family. Make your own (instructions HERE), or you could always pick one up HERE.

6. Make or order a modern quilt or blanket.

Something timeless that can double as a throw or travel to college with the little one can be treasured long after the baby things have been put away.

7. Know the theme of the nursery? Use it to create a unique keepsake.

Bring the nursery wallpaper to life with a handmade toy, or decorate a treasure box in the color scheme or theme the parents have chosen to hold beloved objects as the baby grows up.

8. Take care of their paperwork.

Sure, it might not seem like the most emotional option, this gift can help new parents streamline their mounds of paperwork, and pretty and durable folders can actually make for a meaningful keepsake as well!

9. Have the baby's first recorded heartbeat turned into jewelry.

Soundwave jewelry is a great way for a new mom to stay connected to the days when her little one was still growing inside her.

10. Make letter art pennies from the baby's birth year.

An easy DIY if the parents to be have shared the baby's name with you.

11. Forget bronzing baby shoes...

Give the future tot shoes so swag they're certain to be kept on the shelf for years just as they are. (Blue suede pictured available HERE.)

12. Make thumbprint artwork.

Use family fingerprints, shower guest fingerprints, or provide the artwork for Mom to fill in with the baby's fingerprints.

13. Help create a memory jar.

Helping new parents gather together the keepsakes from their baby's early days will be much appreciated. You can provide a beautiful jar and a note detailing your plans at the shower.

Bonus points if you fill the jar with a baby's first aid kit so the new parents have one less thing to worry about.

14. Wrap "open when" gifts for the new parent's most trying moments.

A lot of people will be giving gifts to the baby, but wrapping up small gifts and gift cards for the parents in moments of stress is a shower gift that keeps on giving, and might even cheer your friends up when they need it most.

15. DIY a t-shirt/sweatshirt/sweater blanket made from Mom and Dad's favorites.

This is a great use of all those collectors shirts they haven't worn in years but can't let go of sentimentally. And their baby photos will have a meaningful background!

16. Put together an alphabet shadow box with some of Mom and Dad's favorite things.

Instructions HERE.

17. Go in with a group and get a night nurse.


Sleep may be the most meaningful gift of all to new parents. Having a night nurse accompany them on their first few nights at home means that the parents can reset and reenergize no matter how rough birth and labor were.

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