17 Actually Practical Makeup Tips For New Moms

    Get ready to get resourceful.

    1. Keep a pair of tweezers in the car so you can groom your eyebrows while your baby naps (and you're stuck sitting in the driveway with the engine running).

    2. No, seriously — eyebrows are so important.

    3. Develop a 5-minute face.

    4. Hide sleep-deprived eyes behind fake glasses.

    5. Washing your face before bed is for child-free people. You're going to want to invest in some good facial wipes.

    6. Lining your inner lid with white liner will make your pooped peepers pop!

    7. Make that mascara waterproof. This is an emotional time.

    8. Oh, and go buy some dry shampoo, like, right now.

    9. Tinted moisturizer probably isn't going to cut it for a while.

    10. If you have bangs, now would be a good time to learn a bang braid.

    11. Master the topknot!

    12. In a pinch, lipstick can double as cream blush and will make you look like you slept at least one night this week.

    13. Eyelash extensions are the best thing that ever happened to you.

    14. Not down with extensions? Try tinting your brows and lashes.

    15. Looking for something more permanent?

    Two minutes from krappy to Kardashian.

    17. Embrace your natural beauty.