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Teens Are Using Fake Calculator Apps To Hide Photos From Their Parents

An Alabama prosecutor's video to alert parents to some teen shadiness went viral.

Earlier this week, an Alabama district attorney, Pamela Casey, posted a video warning parents about the "Calculator%" app for iPhone.

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Have you seen this icon on your kid's device? Because it's not a calculator — it's a little vault of deception.

At first glance, the icon looks like a run-of-the-mill calculator, but when you open it and type in the correct passcode, it will open a treasure trove of hidden pictures and files that don't appear anywhere else on your device.


Calculator% is the app that Casey spoke about in her now-viral video, but it's important to note that the app has many imitators for both iPhone and Android platforms.

Here's what to look for on an iPhone:

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And here are a couple of the Android iterations:

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It's a good idea to check iTunes and/or Google Play for these apps, typically billed as "photo vaults," to see what other shady apps may be hiding under your nose.

You can see Pamela Casey's full video outlining how the app works below.

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