17 Incredibly Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Winona Ryder

    Reality bites.

    There have been few ingenues of the screen as important (and dare I say...iconic?) as Winona Ryder.

    When it comes to life lessons, the Winona of our youth has learned them all.

    Because Winona is all of us.

    Thankfully for future generations, the teachings of Winona are vast, plentiful, and still available via Netflix. Gather 'round and let us soak up her wisdom.

    1. Never be ashamed of who (or what) you love.

    2. Don't be afraid to take what's rightfully yours.

    3. Expect that love will change you.

    4. Go blonde at least once.

    5. Sing your heart out.

    6. Dance like nobody's watching.

    7. Never shy away from calling 'em like you see 'em.

    8. Ask the important questions.

    9. Self reflection is key.

    10. It's okay to be different...

    11. In fact it's downright glorious.

    12. Root for the underdog.

    13. Own your triumphs.

    14. Recognize that love can be imperfect, and sometimes there will be spit-strings.

    15. Embrace your flair for the dramatic.

    16. Believe that anything can happen.

    17. And when all else fails, laugh.