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Kylie Jenner Has Made Her First Public Appearance Since Everyone Found Out She Is Pregnant

She also posted to Instagram for the first time in DAYS.

It's been days, DAYS! since anyone non-famous has heard from Kylie Jenner, and c'mon, doesn't she know we are waiting to pick apart her every move now that we know she is pregnant?

Despite what I'm sure were Mama Kris' best efforts, Kylie's true Instagram re-debut actually occurred last night when she popped up at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas... support none other than boyfriend and rumored father of her child himself, Travis Scott!

Travis' fellow performer French Montana also snagged some candid footage of KJ at the event.

And then today the coy mom-to-be gave us this:

Idk, man. Sweats, giant t-shirts, and bathrobes? Looks like pregnancy comfort in full-effect to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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