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    Posted on Oct 28, 2017

    Mila Kunis Hit 100 On "The Price Is Right" And It's Impossible Not To Feel Joy Watching Her

    "I'm getting emotional!" - Mila Kunis

    There are few things that seem to bring the universal (Americaversal?) joy of seeing someone come completely unhinged on The Price Is Right.


    People 👏 just 👏 lose 👏 control👏.


    In the best way, OBVIOUSLY.

    So when Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and HRH Kathryn Hahn stopped by as part of their A Bad Moms Christmas publicity tour, you knew that shit was not going to be held together. (See also: Kristen Bell Sloth Video.)

    IDK, maybe the ladies thought they could handle it. They're professionals. But it's The Price Is Right, ~Bad Moms~. It DGAF about your expectations.

    Can we talk about how the driver is waving? It makes me feel so awkward.

    Honestly, I don't think any of us could have been prepared for the gift the universe bestowed upon us when Mila Kunis spun that famous wheel.



    I don't want to see one damn comment about it being rigged, or them being actors. I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT!

    Yeah....we're definitely going to need to enjoy some of that action in slo-mo.


    Watch the promo for their upcoming appearance:

    View this video on YouTube

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