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14 Kids Who Will Restore Your Faith In The #IceBucketChallenge

When it comes to kids raising money for charity, whether they #fail it or #nail it, it's basically always awesome.

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1. These kiddos who did it so Mom wouldn't have to. / Via

And THAT'S how you raise children. (Extra cute points for little Harper's delay.)

2. This kid who displays a very impressive vocabulary for a two year old.

3. This teen who challenged her horse to join her...

4. These three kids who want to see their teacher get it.

5. These kids who had no fear.

6. This little lady who took the opportunity to create a tutorial.

7. These incredibly well poised kids who kind of deserve their own talk show.

8. This little girl who dumped her fair share of buckets before taking the plunge herself.

9. These kids who laughed so hard dousing their aunt, it's impossible not to laugh with them.

10. This devoted Xavier fan who is about to get it twice.

11. This entire Tennessee boy scout troop.

12. This teen who is totally fine.

13. These kids whose elders had no mercy.

14. This kid who is just the cutest ever.

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