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Julia Stiles Doesn't Give A Fuck What You Think Of Her Parenting Skills

"That's the internet for you, the carnivorous plant from Little Shop of Horrors."

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Well, Julia Stiles has been a mom for about five weeks, and *SURPRISE!* she's already getting heat from strangers on the internet.

Oh yeah, baby carriers are also a judgment magnet.

OK, so let's analyze this quickly through sancti-parent eyes.


The baby's legs are tucked into the carrier. According to trolling parents, this is a major offense.

But if baby Strummer's feet had been sticking out? There would have been at least 4,268 comments about how carriers cause hip dysplasia. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Instagram: @juliastiles

Julia Stiles graduated with a degree in English literature from Columbia University; can we give her the benefit of the doubt that she can read instructions?

Stiles is HARDLY the first celebrity to come into contact with the business end of parent-shaming. Ryan Reynolds was nearly dethroned as America's Sweetheart when Blake Lively posted a photo of him wearing their firstborn daughter.

“I’m a first-time dad and that is not the first mistake I’ve made, and I can guarantee it won’t be the last,” Reynolds told the Today show at the time.

Stiles had a slightly more punk-rock message for her shamers.

"Yes, [parents], always read the safety instructions. But also, Instagrammers: Instead of writing snarky comments about a 5-week-old, try dancing around your living room to a Clash record. It's way more fun."