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27 Ideas For Kids Artwork You Might Actually Want To Hang

Help them help you with that empty wall space.

1. Make a negative-space masterpiece.

2. Give them lines to color outside of.

3. Introduce them to shaving cream marbling.

4. Help them turn their old artwork into a collage.

5. Unleash their inner Picasso.

6. Craft leaves out of wax paper.

7. Set off creative fireworks.

8. Create a whole new world.

9. Craft a newspaper skyline.

10. Put their brains to work with these mathematical sunbursts.

11. Experiment with tissue paper "painting."

12. Paint with oil and water.

13. Set their imagination free.

14. Make a splatter painted landscape.

15. Create an enchanted forest.

16. Make a shadowbox of "creatures."

17. Introduce them to wax paper resist art.

18. Capture the love.

19. Try a watercolor resist on wood!

20. Make air your paintbrush.

21. Start a long term project yarn bombing old CDs.

22. Help them channel a favorite artist.

23. Or paint with leaves.

24. Make a different kind of crayon masterpiece.

25. Create a torn paper sunset.

26. Find a better use for credit cards.

27. Collaborate on abstract circle art.