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So Apparently Kim And Kanye Have Created An "Ideal Eating Regimen" For Their Surrogate

Kim is "super adamant."

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Surrogacy is a wonderful thing to do for a family. And yes, depending on a number of factors, it can also be lucrative.


Kim Kardashian West has faced life-threatening preeclampsia and placenta accreta with previous pregnancies.

If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians, then you likely know that Kim and Kanye have been considering surrogacy to grow their family.

Mad I wasn't picked to be Kim and Kanye's surrogate.

Kelly Andersen is reporting that Kim and Kanye have provided the surrogate carrying their third child with an "ideal eating regimen."


The Kardashian-West family has yet to actually confirm this pregnancy.

According to People:

“Kim and Kanye have been incredibly involved in the surrogate process,” the source says, noting that Kardashian West has been “super adamant” in ensuring the surrogate sticks to a healthy diet.

“Kim and Kanye both want the healthiest baby possible and are making sure the surrogate is abiding by the routine they’ve set for her,” adds the source.

Super excited to meet the newest Kardashian West!


Let's just hope potato chips and DQ blizzards are on that eating regimen.


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