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Here's What Happened When One Smartphone Addicted Mom Kicked The Habit

This mom of four challenged herself to take a break from her iPhone for a week.

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Kristen Chase is an online entrepreneur running two successful websites -- often from the palm of her hand.

Kristen worried that her constantly split attention was taking a toll on her kids, so for a solid week she swore not to touch her phone while they were around.

Chase couldn't pinpoint an exact moment that inspired her to ditch the phone, but says it had a lot to do with her kids (ages 10, 8, 6, and 4) bugging her about spending too much time online.

The busy mom told BuzzFeed Life: "I was having a lot of moments where I'd grab my phone for absolutely no reason and end up in a wormhole of weird lunch photos or Kim Kardashian's new hair color and it felt almost dirty in a way."

Hmmm...what's that like, Kristen?

In order to accomplish her experiment without ruining her business, the entrepreneur laid out a plan of attack.

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Kristen decided to put her phone aside until her kids left for school in the morning, and again from the time they arrived home until they went to bed. She alerted colleagues and clients that she could be reached via phone in case of emergency, but wouldn't be available on email or text.


Kristen said that while her kids had no idea she was intentionally smartphone free, they noticed almost immediately.

"It was hard not to," Chase elaborated to BuzzFeed Life. "I was much more present, which doesn't necessarily mean I was playing with them the entire time. Rather, my attention wasn't elsewhere, so even though I might have been hanging on the couch watching a show with them, or actually cooking dinner [instead of defrosting it], I was there mentally with them and they certainly reaped the benefits.

And I don't think I got one "emergency" call from my friends or colleagues the whole time!"

So basically, the plan worked. Way to go, Kristen!

Her final thoughts? "I'd be remiss not to mention that I felt like I got some control back. When you're beholden to the dings and pings on your phone, everyone else is holding the power of your attention. Now I feel like I'm the one in charge."