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    16 Ways To Teach Your Kids About David Bowie (And The World)

    “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.”

    1. Teach them how he was never anything less than his authentic self.

    2. Show them there are endless ways to reinvent yourself while staying true to who you are.

    3. Tell them how he used his voice to advocate for equality...always.


    (And please, for the love of all that is '80s, show them Labyrinth.)

    4. Like in 1982 when he famously called out MTV on-air for not playing black artists.

    5. Or in 1987 when he used his video for "Let's Dance" to protest and highlight the mistreatment of Australia's Indigenous people.

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    6. Instill in them his rebel spirit with a core of love.

    Let a tiny Aladdin Sane sing them to sleep. $82.

    7. Show them how he took his art seriously, but never himself.


    8. Treat them to all of the weird and wonderful ways he has influenced pop culture.

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    9. the opening card of The Breakfast Club.


    Ally Sheedy suggested the quote from Bowie's "Changes" to open the movie that would define a generation.

    10. Tell them that “art is what happens when you learn to dream.”


    When Bowie voiced Lord Royal Highness in the made-for-TV movie SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis, the message he left was indelible. Notably, Bowie's first posthumous music will be released as part of an upcoming SpongeBob SquarePants musical.

    11. Help them see there's beauty in being different, the way he helped so many of us.

    12. Tell them about the time he reached over the Berlin Wall.

    David Bowie talks about performing Heroes at the Berlin Wall

    13. Play them "Kooks," the sweet song Bowie wrote when his son Duncan was born.

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    14. Show them the way he saw the world. Teach them to be superhuman.

    15. Let them know that whoever they are is perfect.

    Masayoshi Sukita

    16. And remind them that no matter what, they're "already one ahead of David Bowie."

    RIP Starman.