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Twitter Is Cracking Up Over The Google Arts & Culture Face Match

Spot on, Google, spot on.

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Perhaps you've seen Google's Arts & Culture app? (If not, you should get your uncultured ass to the app store because it has some pretty cool features.)

Morgan Shanahan

It'll teach you new stuff, tell you what's going on in culture near you, and introduce you to new artists and ideas. Air five, Google!

However, it's quite possible that their "Is your portrait in a museum" function is not one of them.

Google Arts & Culture

Scroll down the app's home screen to find the function. (It's the third item down on the scroll.) It may not be available in all areas.


Let's go to social media to see how other people fared, shall we?

Wait, did she actually sit for this painting?

Instagram: @izokzr

And of course, some people just want to see the world burn.

#IamArtAndArtIsMe #lush #GoogleArts #GoogleArtsandCulture @lushcosmetics


But others did actually get some accurate-ish results!

Damn lol, p good likeness for a pic taken on the fly at #GoogleArtsandCulture

ISH. I said ISH.

Fine, I'll give you this one, Google.

Spot on! Those matching brows! #GoogleArtsandCulture


This is just a flatter machine, isn’t it? #GoogleArtsandCulture

My faves, of course, are the people who mocked up their own results.

never in my life have I seen anything more accurate @bunnigaru (#GoogleArtsandCulture)


Sorry, can't stop laughing. Desperately hope that painting is really in the app.

Have you ever gotten roasted by an app #googleartsandculture