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19 Gifts For The Naughtiest Mom You Know

Just because she had a baby doesn't mean she's a saint.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Inspire her.

"If Britney Could Make It Through 2007, You Can Make It Through Today."

Get yours HERE.

2. Get her something clever.

3. Speak to her soul.

Baby name necklaces are so passe. Get one HERE.

4. Support her pop-culture obsessions.

Get it HERE.

5. Get punny.

Find it HERE.

6. Get real.

Find it HERE.

7. Take the edge off all the kid crap that's lying around.

Available HERE.

8. Drop an f-bomb.

9. Spice up dinnertime.

10. The perfect wall hanging for her home office.

Available HERE.

11. Give her a new mantra.

From HERE.

12. Surprise her.

Available HERE.

13. Let her wear her heart on her ankles.

Find them HERE.

14. Help her set boundaries.

Get one HERE.

15. A little bit of inspiration to keep close to her heart.

16. Remind her what's important.

Available HERE.

17. Add a sense of humor to her cookie cutter collection.

It's a cookie of mommy and daddy wrestling! Buy it HERE.

18. Take her to her happy place.

19. Keep her warm.

Get it HERE.

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