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    17 Food Experiments That Are Good Enough To Eat

    Edible boogers, for one.

    1. Have a booger eater? Swap out the real stuff for some STEM-approved snot.

    2. Explore the wonderful weirdness of candy by dissolving gumdrops in water.

    3. Or use Everlasting Gobstoppers and watch the changing colors stay in their own lanes.

    4. I mean...if they're gonna eat the Play-Doh anyway, might as well make it taste good!

    5. Get down and dirty with an edible earth lesson.

    6. Chewing glass can mean something delicious now!

    7. Take a biology break by making your own yogurt.

    8. Learning is as easy as churning (butter).

    9. Give them a glowing good time!

    10. Get busy with a variety of eggs-periments.

    11. Change the state of fruit into sorbet for a cool science-y treat.

    12. Ready to talk dehydration? Turn grapes into raisins!

    13. Tired of drinking your juice? Chew it!

    14. Show them the power of sour.

    15. Explore the layers of sedimentary rock with these seven-layer cookie bars.

    16. Reversible change can be delicious!

    17. Teach them all about genetics with this edible DNA helix.