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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    17 Faces Working Moms Will Immediately Recognize

    Everyday you're hustlin'.

    1. When the school performance ends and you have to go back to the office.

    No cookies and punch for you.

    2. When you're included on the email chain about that Wednesday morning play group.

    3. When you're *not* included on the email chain about that Wednesday morning play group.

    I's nice to be invited.

    4. When you're trying to hear if your kid is still crying after you've left without starting the whole thing over again.


    Much guilt. Very burning.

    5. When you show up to volunteer at school and they throw you in with the "regulars."

    "No, totally. I totally know how to balance the school's checkbook."

    6. When another parent is "so surprised you made it!"

    It' child's birthday party.

    7. When you get home and your spouse has already taken care of dinner.

    8. When someone asks you who is raising your kids.

    Um...I am.

    9. When you get to work and realize the permission slip for today's field trip is still in your purse.

    "Can I take a picture and email it over?"

    10. When your kid thinks your job is "cool."

    "You...think I'm cool? Well...let me tell you about this other thing we did at work..."

    Just...quit talking while you're ahead, Mom.

    11. When someone says "you look tired."

    That. is. shocking.

    12. When having kids means your boss doesn't even look in your direction for that business trip to Paris.

    13. When you're ready to leave for work and your kid spills crap on you.

    We've all been there.

    14. When you get that promotion AND your kid aces their test.

    15. When you hear people talking about "free time."

    16. When your kid squeals and jumps into your arms when you walk through the door.

    17. When someone asks how you "do it all."


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