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    41 Dollhouses That Will Make Wish You Were A Tiny Doll

    What is this, a house for ants?!

    Jenny Change / BuzzFeed

    1. This bright and modern abode.

    2. This $3000 Manse which actually has its own realtor.

    3. This musical hideaway.

    4. This tiny A-frame chalet!

    5. This full wall rendition sized for an American Girl Doll.

    6. This incredible brambly hedge.

    7. This expert display of pattern mixing.

    Learn to make the couch yourself HERE.

    8. This meticulously designed modern family home.

    Note the real family photos on the walls...

    ...the handmade artwork...

    ...and the incredible attention to detail on every level.

    9. This minuscule library with books for days.

    10. This colorful "Kaleidoscope House"

    11. This woodland getaway.

    12. This insanely cozy dollhouse powder room.

    Click HERE for more photos.

    13. Frida's intricate studio.

    14. The dark designs of Marc Giai-Miniet...

    15. This incredible retro modern pied-à-terre

    Get the full tour HERE.

    16. This Shabby Chic DIY.

    17. This bakery in a book.

    18. This tiny take on the container home trend.

    19. This modular stacking house.

    Find it HERE!

    20. This tinier than tiny mini house.

    Reiko Tanaka designed this 1/144th scale cottage.

    21. This white wonderland.

    22. This perfect Hobbit Hole.

    23. This repurposed suitcase house.

    24. This modern silhouette from PlanToys

    Available HERE!

    25. This stunning replica of "The Burrow"

    Maybe Harry, Hermione, and Ron can help you get inside.

    26. This incredible Victorian.

    The side opens to reveal a spiral staircase.

    27. This mod glamour heaven.

    28. This amazing cardboard house.

    29. This house that will hold more children than you know what to do with.

    30. This painstaking replica of a family's home.

    See more HERE.

    31. This papier-mâché masterpiece.

    32. This clever DIY bookcase house.

    Instructions HERE.

    33. This dollhouse in a china cabinet.

    Artist: Petronella Oortman

    34. This exact replica of Ellie and Carl's house from Up!

    35. This spooky haunt.

    36. This.

    37. This tiny desert hideaway.

    See more HERE!

    38. This perfect old New York cobblestone.!/8!/8

    39. This one of many feats of tiny architecture from Brinca Dada.

    Available HERE.

    40. This cozy cottage.

    Designed by artist Madelva Fernandez.

    41. This incredible 18th Century French Chateau.