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    How The Boiler Room Episode Of “My So-Called Life" Caused Your Sexual Awakening

    There's only so much flannel and Buffalo Tom a 13-year-old girl can like...take.

    First, hit play.

    The year? 1994. The place? Three Rivers, PA. Jordan Catalano was the quiet, mysterious bad boy du jour.

    Don't be confused. This is not Jared Leto. This is Jordan Catalano. Way deep, but tragically illiterate.

    His shearling jacket. His skinny choker. His man-bob.

    You would have thrown it all away for that lost gaze. Your homeroom crush didn't hold a candle to Jordan.

    Is it any wonder Angela Chase spent half the season looking like this?

    Like Angela, you would wait with a tightness in your chest for him to appear, episode after episode.

    But in a season of epic heart flutters, there was one episode that eclipsed them all.

    There were no "hellos" in the Boiler Room.

    "You can't like, treat me one way in front of your friends and the next minute leave me some note."

    But then...

    Following a life-affirming bathroom chat for Angela and an eye opening reading of a Shakespearian sonnet for Jordan, they spot each other across the crowded hallway.

    Epic deep breaths abound.

    And he walks right up to her. In public.

    EVERYONE is watching.

    "Can we like...go somewhere or something?"

    Be still your beating everything.

    *Sigh*. Marry me.

    "I'd do it if I could, I hope you know I would."

    If you can handle it, watch the full scene below.

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    You're probably going to want to be alone.