29 Secrets Dads Want Their Sons To Know About Adulthood

    Consider this a heart-to-heart in a time capsule. Shot while the beer flowed at the 2015 Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

    1. "Just because you CAN funnel beer, does not mean you should."

    2. "Never settle for less than you are willing to work for in life."

    3. "Love God, your mom, your sisters to learn how to love your wife."

    4. "Babies = Priceless. Condoms = 50 cents"

    5. "Don't be a prick."

    6. "No tattoos until you're 40 years old."

    7. "Be your awesome."

    8. "Why? Is a great question."

    9. "Don't be afraid to express your emotions!"

    10. "Be of service to every human being. Spread love and excellence throughout the galaxy. Above all else, be yourself."

    11. "Be confident! You're doing better than you think!"

    12. "Please for the love of God stop picking your nose!"

    13. "Things on the internet live forever. Post carefully."

    14. "All you need is love. And water. And sunscreen. But mostly love."

    15. "There's always money in the banana stand!"

    16. "Be authentic + grateful, always; remember you matter."

    17. "I didn't have it figured out either."

    18. "Don't listen to a thing I say. Especially this."

    19. "You taught me what love, exhaustion, and exhilaration truly feel like. Dads are men made better. I hope you take the journey too."

    20. "Learn good lessons from bad decisions."

    21. "Be happy."

    22. "Nothing good ever happens after midnight!"

    23. "It's alright to fall down. Just make sure to get back up!"

    24. "Take care of your dads the way you want your kids to take care of you in the future."

    25. "Always be yourself. Especially when others don't want you to."

    26. "Don't let work get in the way of family!"

    27. "Don't try to capture the moment and just enjoy the moment."

    28. "Be brave, even when you are not."

    29. "Sex makes babies."