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    16 Classroom Supplies You Won't Believe Teachers Have To Pay For

    Each year, public school teachers spend upwards of $500 of their own wages on supplies for their classrooms.

    BuzzFeed asked teachers which supplies they spend the most on out of pocket. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Tissues. Gesundheit.

    2. Photocopies for worksheets, projects, and notices.

    3. Hand soap. Also hand sanitizer.

    4. Pencils. No. 2, and otherwise.

    5. Those Post-It easel board things.

    Easels, poster boards, and large sticky pads are great for brainstorming and tracking progress. News flash: Schools don't provide them.

    6. Erasers, because we learn from our mistakes.

    7. Glue. Glue Sticks. Paste. Anything glue-like.

    8. Lined paper. And notebooks.

    9. Snacks and prizes!

    10. Construction paper.

    11. Up-to-date maps and other visual aides.

    12. Markers, and art supplies in general.

    13. Chemical-free cleaning wipes.

    14. Books. Books. Multiples of books.

    15. Safety scissors.

    16. More tissues!


    To see what kinds of donations teachers in your area are requesting and help the classroom of your choice, visit