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    Chrissy Teigen Was Having Trouble Coming Up With Unisex Baby Names So Twitter Came To Her Rescue

    Is there an Ary present? A Legend, Ary?

    If there's one thing we know about Twitter, it's that Chrissy Teigen is the queen of it. So no real surprise that she turned to her loyal subjects when she found herself stumped on unisex baby names.

    Chrissy is expecting her second child with singer John Legend.

    Naturally, twitter brought the goods. Let's start by stating the obvious:

    @chrissyteigen this is literally a list of trees

    I mean, she's not wrong.

    @chrissyteigen Name your child after a forest. Go on, pick any tree. 🙃

    C'mon, Twitter. You can be more creative than that.

    Air five, for sure.

    Mmmmmmm, OK, Patti. Not bad.

    @chrissyteigen Just name it Urban? 😎😉😊

    I haven't heard of this rule. Is this a celebrity rule? Is it OK if I'm kind of into the name Flannel?

    @chrissyteigen Your baby's name has to be a noun. Avocado Beard (La) Croix Deck Egg Flannel ...

    This fan was seriously disheartened:

    @chrissyteigen My kid's just gonna get a barcode at this rate.

    While this fan put their whole heart into it:

    @chrissyteigen Estrella Legend. You’ll have your moon 🌙 and your star ⭐️. You’re welcome 😊

    Even Matilda herself, the '90s beloved Mara Wilson, weighed in:

    @chrissyteigen They all have job names now. Mason, Tanner, Hunter

    And also this guy, who had a simple, yet excellent, idea.

    @MaraWilson @chrissyteigen Just call it pizza, everybody loves pizza

    But did this person, who apparently has limited knowledge of the music scene, come in with the clear winner?

    @chrissyteigen Are there any family names. Sometimes even family surnames can be good 1st names... Well, not all fo…

    ......there it is.

    Only time will tell!

    Idk, whatever, name it Morgan, that's a unisex name and it's worked for me.

    Or here are some other ideas.