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31 Breastfeeding Beauties And Their Babes

#BreakTheInternet #NormalizeBreastfeeding (Use judgment when viewing: Boobs ahead.)

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Over the weekend, actress Alyssa Milano pointed out that her breastfeeding selfies get a lot of flack.

As opposed to like... y'know... breaking the internet.

I know, right? What's up with that?

Let's take a moment to celebrate the moms who do their part to normalize breastfeeding and break the internet every single day.

2. This mama who isn't afraid to bare it all.

6. This mama giving her first milk.

8. This momma loving on her little's feet.

9. These two enjoying the view.

10. ...And this mom of twins.

11. This bespectacled mama.

13. This snuggly pair.

14. ...And this mom of two.

17. This satiated little man.

18. ...And this sleepy head.

23. And this mama on the go.

27. ...And this bright-eyed little.

28. These two enjoying the sweater weather.

30. ....And this snuggled little too.

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