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    21 Black Nurseries That Are Surprisingly Cheerful

    Black is the new black.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. This friendly room.

    2. This Scandinavian-inspired gem.

    3. This grayscale beauty.

    4. This light and bright space.

    5. This high-contrast hideaway.

    6. This gothic interpretation.

    7. This rainbow connection.

    8. This elegant room.

    9. Jenna Lyon's kiddo's space.

    10. This slice of heaven.

    11. This artsy space.

    12. This pastel accented abode.

    13. This guy's domain.

    14. This industrial spot.

    15. This two-tone hideout.

    16. This simple space.

    Amber Fouts / Via

    17. This cheerful room.

    18. This creative corner.

    19. This perfectly patterned play space.

    20. This cozy room.

    21. This tailored treasure.

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