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    31 DIY Birthday Party Ideas That Will Blow Your Minecraft

    If you build it they will come.

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    1. Need invitation ideas? Print out those pixels.

    Download this free printable from Ambrosia Girl.

    2. But if you prefer those pixels in 3D...

    These pop-up cards from Paperflex are basically the coolest ever.

    3. Or box yourself in.

    If you're feeling super ambitious, you can purchase and download these DIY printable cube invites via Etsy.

    4. Do your party a favor...

    Maybe you're not down for cubed invitations, but these variations on the cube printable could make awesome party favor boxes or decorations.

    5. Hang a balloon wall.

    6. Don't forget to Minecraft your windows.

    7. A little fake grass goes a long way.

    8. Decorations, squared.

    Green pumpkins (readily available for most of the fall) make the perfect Creeper decoration. Full tutorial available at Alpha Mom.

    9. Think inside the box.

    If you can build it in Minecraft, you can print it at Pixel Paper Craft.

    10. Orrrrrr....

    If you're DIY'd out you could just buy it HERE for $19.99.

    11. Keep kids moving with a game of "creeper-ball".

    It's like dodgeball, but with creepers.

    12. Perler beads make for an exciting afternoon of crafting.

    You can find printable patterns for perler beads HERE.

    13. Let your guests DIY their swag.

    T-shirts? Backpacks? Get your stencils HERE.

    14. These Rice Krispie treats are basically Pinterest-fail-proof.

    Check out the tutorial from Nerdy Nummies.

    15. Potions are a big deal in Minecraft...

    16. well as "water" (which tastes so much better when it's blue).

    17. Name a snack. There's a Minecraft tag for that.

    18. Edible jewels!

    Bury them in crumbled oreo "dirt" and hide them in a bucket, or display them in a Minecraft replica chest.

    19. Keep adequate supplies for hungry bellies.

    20. Let them eat cake.

    21. Lots of cake!

    22. Or cookies!

    Make them yourself, or order 'em here.

    23. It's hip to be square.

    DIY creeper cupcakes recipe HERE.

    24. Invite friends...

    25. Don't forget the juice!

    26. Use post-it notes to create your own IRL Minecraft skins.

    Full instructions and more ideas, HERE.

    27. Put a Minecraft twist on your party games.

    Ideas and instructions HERE.

    28. The possibilities are endless!

    29. If you can dream it you can theme it.

    For the pin-worthy hostess. It's part 8-bit, part twee.

    30. Let guests take the party home.

    31. Personalize it all with the Minecraftia font.

    Enjoy your trip!