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21 Beauty Tricks For Makeup Addicts In Training

Highlighter is gonna change your cheekbones' life. Inspired by our collaboration with Birchbox!

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

1. Add an easy smoky eye to your arsenal.

PB and J Apparel has this great step-by-step for a simple smoked-eyeshadow look.

For another take on the deep crease, check out this tutorial on Maskcara.

2. Use white eyeliner to make your peepers appear larger.

This one from Sephora is a great go to. Just use it to line your inner bottom lid and watch those peepers pop.

3. Learn how to get perfect brows.

Well-groomed brows frame your eyes and can pull your entire look together. It's easy to master the art following these simple steps from Keiko Lynn.

Need help picking the right product? Haute Chocolate's got you covered.

4. Color corrector can banish under-eye bags and smooth your complexion.

To rid yourself of dark circles, why pile on layers of concealer when you could get a more natural wide-awake look with the right color corrector?

5. Use this concealer map to get a Beyoncé-like glow.

6. Learn the difference between all those eye pencils and discover yours.

Gel, liquid, pencil, shadow? There are endless options to line your eyes. Our favorite and most foolproof method is Benefit's "Yes They're Real" pushup liner.

7. Speaking of eyes, learn to line and define.

8. Contouring: not just for celebrities.

Contouring will change your life (or at least your photogenic-ness), and it can be done in five minutes or less.

9. Treat your under eye as a triangle rather than a half-moon.

10. The secret to a great self tan is an applicator mitt.

11. A word to the wise, though...don't self-tan your face.

12. Yes, eyelid primer is a thing.

It comes in both color-correcting and skin-tone versions, and it is the bomb. It smooths your lids, keeps your eye makeup in place all day, and eliminates that pesky crease that comes with oily lids.

13. Find your eye shape. / Via

Different types of eyes require different type of eye makeup. Discover your eye shape and enter a whole new world of beauty. This amazing infographic will help you on your way.

14. Learn the foolproof cat eye!

Pro tip: Start at the corner of your eye and follow the lower lash line up with a flick. Full instructions HERE.

15. Primer? BB? CC? What does it all mean?

Moisturizing before makeup is a given; it smooths your skin for a better canvas. But there's more. BB cream (aka Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms) will add a layer of sheer coverage and additional moisture to your skin, while primer will brighten your colors, extending the life of your makeup on your face and in the tube. (CC creams, if you're wondering, are similar to BB creams, but include color-correcting pigments.)

16. Clean with primer, not makeup remover.

Don't put your primer away yet! If you make a misstep during your beauty routine, primer is the best clean-up agent out there. It will smooth off the residue and prep the skin for fresh makeup. This Shiseido primer is great, and has an SPF of 21.

17. Layer for longevity.

The same concept that gets your lipstick to stay put can be applied elsewhere. Layer different types of blush for an all-day glow. Put a cream blush on over your foundation, set it with translucent powder, and then lightly dust powder blush over top.

18. Know your skin type.

Everything from powder to concealer to primer will work with your skin type if you let it. For example: Oily skin calls for a powder blush, while dry-skinned folks should opt for a cream blush. The more you know.

19. Knowing your skin tone will help you build a palette that works for you.

This video can help you determine your skin's undertone.

20. Lip liner isn't just for the '90s hardcore set.

A subtle shade can add staying power to your lip color of choice or give a well-defined polished look to a neutral gloss with just a tiny bit of of blending.

21. Three steps to looking like you woke up like this.

The pink sponge, known as a beauty blender is a favorite of amateurs and pros alike. Learn how to get this flawless look HERE.

22. Love these beauty tips? BuzzFeed and Birchbox have teamed up to bring you this amazing Happy Holiday Hacks Box. Click here to learn more!