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29 Kids With Their Beautifully Tattooed Parents

Ink is skin deep. Love is not.

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. This snoozing daddy.

Tiffany Reese

2. This sleepy mom.

What? Tattooed parents are sleep deprived too.
Jenna Rosener

What? Tattooed parents are sleep deprived too.

3. This glowing dad.

Fuse / Getty Images

4. This newly minted mom-of-two.

Jess Youngsma

5. This luscious-locked father.

Nadinas / Getty Images

6. This baby-wearin' mama.

Jasmine Banks

7. This brand new mom.

Laura Pryor

8. This beach-loving dad.

Wide-eyed-doe / Getty Images

9. This pair.

Big Cheese Photo Llc / Getty Images

10. This relaxed mom.

Tiffany Reese

11. This love-struck daddy.

Rafe Mordente

12. This proud breastfeeder.

Kaitlin Snow

13. This nuzzling mom.

Betoon / Getty Images

14. This doting father.

Comstock / Getty Images

15. This peaceful parent.

Mandy Morrison

16. ...And this one.

David Vienna

17. This selfie-taker.

A'Driane Nieves

18. This dad who is wrapping his baby in love.

Fuse / Getty Images

19. And this one who will carry her forever.

Krystal Dykema

20. This dad whose tattoo is interactive.

Mike Reynolds

21. This mom who is holding on tight.

Jessi Sanfilippo

22. This softie.

Astarot / Getty Images

23. This powerhouse.

Désirée Fawn

24. This gorgeous mama.

Kelly Marie Ballou

25. This partner in crime.

Natalia Fabia

26. This expectant father.

Lara Lima / Via Flickr: lara-lima

27. This proud mom.

Sooz / Via Flickr: soozwhite

28. This mom who has her baby's back.

Josh Hartman / Via Flickr: jashuawayne

29. And this mama whose baby is growing so fast.

Stacey Ball

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