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17 Painful but Funny AF Tweets That Prove Traveling With Kids Is The Worst

Spoler Alert: IT SUCKS.

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1. This sound advice.

The best way to travel with kids is not to.

2. This romantic proposal.

Let's get married and have kids so instead of exotic vacations we can go to that same beach in Florida every year.

3. This painful reality.

Hour 10 in the car: 7yo is singing "I Believe I Can Fly" only replacing "fly" with poop. At the top of his lungs, of course. Kill me plz.

4. This universal truth about the Happiest Place On Earth.

Kid, I spent all day on a plane next to a cranky lap baby, now quit whining, get in this 2 hr line, hug that fucking mouse and say cheese.


5. This reasonable decision.

Traveling by road w/ a 7 m.o. and a 2 y.o. isn’t all bad. I plan to do a car trip w/ them again, preferably after they graduate from college

6. This excellent life hack.

They say you shouldn't drive distracted... that's why I make my kids run along side the car.

7. No wait, this excellent life hack.

Parenting tip: Rent a limo for road trips, so when your kids start to drive you nuts, you can just roll up the back seat divider.

8. This.

You know what you notice most when you're a mom on the beach with a bazillion kids? That you're a mom on the beach with a bazillion kids.

9. This family tradition.

5: Mom, why are you acting frustrated? Me: I'm just stressed from traveling. My mom: Your mom is just being herself. And "vacation" begins.

10. This unfortunate pickle.

Backseat drivers always suck but backseat drivers who neither know how to drive nor understand traffic laws are THE WORST *subtweet to 5yo*

11. This pretty smart way to travel.

I don't need a luggage tag for when I travel, because my Kids pop out of the suitcase as soon as it hits the conveyer belt. Hard to miss.

12. This turning point.

We have reached the "HE'S TOUCHING ME" phase of our road trip. This is also referred to as the 7th circle of #Parenting Hell.

13. This accurate assessment.

The only people leaving a vacation with young kids feeling well rested & relaxed are the actual kids.

14. This study it would be irresponsible to ignore.

New studies suggest that you should drive with your children rear-facing at least until they finish college.

15. This life lesson.

Determination is a 2yo getting water in the face and then calling every single wave "BAD!" for the duration of your beach trip

16. Ugh. This.

Parent: What was your favorite ride on your trip to Disney World? Toddler: The baggage carousel at the airport! Parent: [sigh]

17. This veteran.

7yo: Mom? Lots of other drivers show their middle finger to us when we drive. Me: Shhh, honey. I'm on twitter.

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