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This Mom's Parody Of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Is Absolutely Hilarious

"Gotta have that Starbucks latte, or else I'll go insane."

What's Up MOMS make some of the most hilarious YouTube videos for moms like, ever.

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Meg, Elle, & Brooke are real-life Mom friends who write, direct, and produce their own weekly web series.

This time, they've taken on Taylor Swift's Blank Space and it is hilariously... your life.

(If YOU are a stay and/or work at home mom.)

Like this.

"Do you really think I look that way?"

And this.

Even the queen of Starbucks-loving moms herself approves this video.

The Moms told BuzzFeed Life that embarrassing their kids is only their second or third priority when coming up with new video ideas.

“Some days we hope that these videos will embarrass our kids," the What's Up MOMS said in an email. "But most days we just hope that we reach new moms who are looking for information and a little laughter. “

Keep up the good work, Moms.

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