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    A Group Of 9-Year-Olds Share What They Don't Like About Being Boys

    Is this what we are teaching our sons about masculinity?

    Today is #InternationalMensDay and twitter has had plenty to say about it.

    The list above comes from a 2012 workshop held by Jeff Perera, the community engagement manager for White Ribbon, an organization that works to stop violence against women by educating men and boys. (See the original list HERE.)

    Says Perera -- "Boys are pressured to assert their masculinity and prove their manhood in everyday activities everyday all day. This leaves us with a world of boys and men pretending: trying to achieve an unattainable state of manhood."

    #InternationalMensDay can be a good reminder that boyhood begets manhood and the confines we place on each gender affects all of its members. Be the change, and all that jazz, y'know?