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40 Día De Los Muertos Activities For The Whole Family

Celebrate and honor the ones you've lost with these simple crafts and recipes.

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3. Throw a party starring the dead.

Cook the favorite foods of loved ones who have passed on, and throw a party in their honor, remembering your time with them. Find more ideas for the perfect fiesta at Growing Up Bilingual.


10. Bake pan de muertos.

The sweet round bread is common for placing on altars, leaving at gravesites, or just snacking on with hot cocoa while reminiscing about those who have moved on. (Recipe HERE.)

11. Make your own tissue flowers.

Marigolds play a large role in the day of the dead -- wreaths are made from both real and paper versions of the flowers, and petals are left to help guide the spirits of your loved ones towards the celebration you've prepared for them. Learn how to make your own tissue paper marigolds HERE.



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