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    40 Día De Los Muertos Activities For The Whole Family

    Celebrate and honor the ones you've lost with these simple crafts and recipes.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. DIY sugar skulls!

    Calaveras (the spanish word for "skulls") are a common theme in Day of the Dead decor. Molding them out of sugar and decorating them makes for a delicious (and beautiful!) treat.

    2. Make your own calaveras garland.

    Follow this tutorial to create a simple garland of the colorful skulls.

    3. Throw a party starring the dead.

    Cook the favorite foods of loved ones who have passed on, and throw a party in their honor, remembering your time with them. Find more ideas for the perfect fiesta at Growing Up Bilingual.

    4. Master the milk jug sugar skull.

    Recycle and create stunning decorations all in one! (Add a tiny led light to watch it glow!)

    6. Build your own shrine.

    These mini ofrenda are sure to delight. Instructions at Crafty Chica.

    7. it even bigger.

    Instructions for the wood base HERE.

    8. ...or make it miniature.

    To learn how to create these shrines on a stick, click HERE.

    9. Pull out all the stops and create your own altar.

    10. Bake pan de muertos.

    The sweet round bread is common for placing on altars, leaving at gravesites, or just snacking on with hot cocoa while reminiscing about those who have moved on. (Recipe HERE.)

    11. Make your own tissue flowers.

    Marigolds play a large role in the day of the dead -- wreaths are made from both real and paper versions of the flowers, and petals are left to help guide the spirits of your loved ones towards the celebration you've prepared for them. Learn how to make your own tissue paper marigolds HERE.

    12. Munch on marshmallow sugar skull pops.

    Find the steps towards deliciousness HERE.

    13. Bake these mini cakes with a special surprise inside.

    Recipe/instructions HERE.

    14. Carve a calavera pumpkin.

    Ideas for all kinds of stunning Día De Los Muertos themed pumpkins can be found HERE.

    15. Paint a sugar skull on a pumpkin.

    17. Hide behind a mask.

    These clever and easy to make masks are a great project for younger kids.

    18. Make a traditional tin painting.

    Involve a whole class room or craft party to create an installation, or for a free form pre-school appropriate version, click HERE.

    19. String your own papel picado.

    The popular paper art can be made from scratch, or you can get help from a kit.

    20. Feast.

    21. Get crazy with a calavera cake.

    22. Make these DIY masks.

    23. Download these easy printables.

    Find everything you need for a printable party HERE.

    24. Color these masks.

    25. Paint rocks as sugar skulls.

    Find instructions for this clever project HERE.

    26. Let your souls glow.

    27. Print and fold these simple masks.

    28. Make a modern collage.

    29. Try these melted bead sun catchers.

    Find out how HERE.

    30. Cobble together a candy cake.

    31. Dress for the occasion.

    32. DIY this doll.

    33. Channel La Catrina.

    Mimic the iconic skeleton's signature look with this hat.

    34. Craft your own piñata.

    35. Get crazy with glue.

    36. Decorate everything.

    37. Surprise your kiddos at lunch.

    38. Drape it in skulls.

    Create this simple calaveras garland with these instructions from Paper Source.

    39. Make calaca art.

    Inspiration HERE.

    40. ...And if all else fails, you can still get in to the digital spirit.

    Instructions HERE!

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