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    40 Día De Los Muertos Activities For The Whole Family

    Celebrate and honor the ones you've lost with these simple crafts and recipes.

    1. DIY sugar skulls!

    2. Make your own calaveras garland.

    3. Throw a party starring the dead.

    4. Master the milk jug sugar skull.

    5. Get lost in paper crafts.

    6. Build your own shrine.

    7. it even bigger.

    8. ...or make it miniature.

    9. Pull out all the stops and create your own altar.

    10. Bake pan de muertos.

    11. Make your own tissue flowers.

    12. Munch on marshmallow sugar skull pops.

    13. Bake these mini cakes with a special surprise inside.

    14. Carve a calavera pumpkin.

    15. Paint a sugar skull on a pumpkin.

    16. Put on a puppet show.

    17. Hide behind a mask.

    18. Make a traditional tin painting.

    19. String your own papel picado.

    20. Feast.

    21. Get crazy with a calavera cake.

    22. Make these DIY masks.

    23. Download these easy printables.

    24. Color these masks.

    25. Paint rocks as sugar skulls.

    26. Let your souls glow.

    27. Print and fold these simple masks.

    28. Make a modern collage.

    29. Try these melted bead sun catchers.

    30. Cobble together a candy cake.

    31. Dress for the occasion.

    32. DIY this doll.

    33. Channel La Catrina.

    34. Craft your own piñata.

    35. Get crazy with glue.

    36. Decorate everything.

    37. Surprise your kiddos at lunch.

    38. Drape it in skulls.

    39. Make calaca art.

    40. ...And if all else fails, you can still get in to the digital spirit.