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41 Photos To Take Of Your Kids From Birth To College

Just keep snappin'.

Alice Mongkonglite / BuzzFeed

1. It's never too early to start.

2. They're really only squishy like this for such a short time.

Suzanne Davis / Via

3. Make the memory permanent.

Katrinaelena / Getty Images

4. Balloons never fail.

5. Ever.

Leigh Miller Photography / Via

6. It seems daunting, but committing to one photo a month will yield such great results.

7. Capture them in their natural state — dirt and all.

Nish Weiseth

8. Never forget the simple excitement of a favorite pastime.

Seiya Kawamoto / Getty Images

9. Snap them when they're not looking.

Nish Weiseth

Tender moments like this can't be interrupted for a "cheeeese!"

10. But if they do catch you, that's OK too.

Suzanne Davis / Via

11. Love never gets old.

Heather Spohr / Via

12. Hide in a sheet fort with just them and your camera.

Make sure it's in a room with lots of natural light.

13. Let them be their own superhero.

Speak Now Photography

14. Capture them doing what they love.

Purestock / Getty Images

15. They're going to climb inside of lots of stuff. It's always a great photo op.

Sarah Stewart Holland

16. See?

Morgan Shanahan / Via Instagram: @the818

17. Capture them as they see themselves.

Liza Hippler Photography / Via

18. Don't be afraid to get wet.

Morgan Shanahan / Via Instagram: @the818

19. Let their personality shine through — in a pose, or a favorite outfit.

Amiyrah Martin

20. Snap them from your usual perspective.

Whit Honea / Via

This will be priceless when they tower over you.

21. Get up close and personal.

Muralinath / Getty Images

22. Let them wear their favorite costume.

Lizz Porter / Via

23. You know that weird thing they do every day? It won't last forever.

Melinda Pang Kim

Memorex it while you can.

24. And you will never want to forget that laugh.

M-imagephotography / Getty Images

25. Go deep.

Creatas Images / Getty Images

26. Give them matching props.

Sara Moe

27. Follow them to their happy place.

Jess Sanfillippo / Via

28. Capture them against a vibrant background.

Leigh Miller Photography / Via Facebook: 121882901156121

29. Certainly they must share a love of something.

30. Even if it's each other.

Denkuvaiev / Getty Images

31. If you've got more than one and they're all in the same place, SNAP!

Kristen Chase

32. Don't forget the action shots.

Roger Weber / Getty Images

33. Catch them in their natural habitat.

Lisa Wareham Photography

34. Let them be their silly selves.

Jeff Bogle / Via

35. Posing is overrated.

Roger Weber / Getty Images

36. Let them sparkle.

Hannah Lane Photography

37. Keep it simple.

James Woodson / Getty Images

38. You'll giggle looking back on their early smartassery.

Leigh Miller / Via

And so will they.

39. Try a senior shoot beneath the trees.

Kelley Walker Chance Photography / Via Facebook: kelleyphotodesign

40. They're never too big to play with chalk.

Kyle Thompson

41. Celebrate their first love.

Ammentorp Photography / Getty Images

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