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    35 Beautiful Literary-Inspired Nursery Ideas

    Let the words be your guide.

    1. Start at the beginning.

    2. Make sure they can find their way.

    3. Share your love of Lewis Carroll.

    4. Or maybe you're more of an Uncle Shelby fan?

    5. Synchronize time with The Little Prince.

    6. Turn your walls into the pages of a family favorite like this Goodnight Moon room.

    7. Or simply frame a few pages on the walls.

    8. Give a subtle nod to Captain Hook.

    9. Take them to Narnia.

    10. Frame a favorite phrase.

    11. Or take a page from a beloved book.

    12. Stock the classics in cloth.

    13. Help them write their own beginning.

    14. Never grow up.

    15. Invite an old friend to stay.

    16. Introduce them to old friends.

    17. Or decorate with garland.

    18. Encourage a love of travel.

    19. Illuminate them.

    20. Be abstract.

    21. Teach them life lessons.

    22. Let their imagination soar.

    23. Snuggle up with Peter Rabbit.

    24. Or read by the light of your favorite book.

    25. Give the gift of Poe.

    26. Or wrap them up in wonderland.

    27. Make sure they're never alone.

    28. Decorate with custom blocks.

    29. Hear the wind blow through the willows.

    30. Give them a fantastic friend.

    31. Show them a map of a faraway place.

    32. ...Any faraway place.

    33. Or familiarize them with where their favorite characters come from.

    34. Welcome them home.

    35. And live happily ever after.