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29 Summer Parenting Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Take a vacation from irritation.


1. Freeze aloe vera in ice-cube trays to instantly cool sunburns.

2. Make an instant beach-safe diaper decoy.

3. Create an easy DIY breakfast station for kiddos on summer mornings.

4. Keep baby powder on hand to remove damp sand from feet at the end of a long beach day.

5. Blow up a kiddie pool to keep blankets dry while watching fireworks or stargazing.

6. Make drip-free ice pops at home by adding gelatin to the mix.

7. Alternately, use a cupcake liner to keep dripping ice pops contained.

8. You can also use them to keep your drinks bug-free!

9. Equally clever? Make your own spill-proof cup out of Press n' Seal.

10. Get a thrift-store sheet and turn it into an outdoor canvas!

11. Use a shoe sorter to keep summer essentials organized in your trunk.

12. Build this poolside drying rack.

Instructions HERE.

13. Add magnets to drinking cups so kiddos can keep themselves hydrated on hot days.

14. Turn your deck in to a giant game board.

15. Make giant bubbles!

16. Keep the fun flowing with a bubble refill station.

17. Fill your cooler with frozen balloons to prevent a meltdown.

Great for boxed drinks, which get soggy soaking in water.

18. Make your own DIY sundial, and watch time slow down.

19. Wash sand and dirt out of toy crannies in the dishwasher.

Jim Bauer/Creative Commons

Also a great way to clean shoes.

20. Use empty wipe containers to carry toys, food, games, and craft supplies on the go.

21. Egg cartons can be used to tote fruit that bruises easily.

22. Beat boredom with pre-labeled "activity sticks."

Brainstorm a bunch of fun ideas together and you'll always have inspiration on hand when boredom strikes.

23. Apple cider vinegar can calm itchy mosquito bites.

Heike Rau / Getty Images

Orajel or lemon juice will also do the trick in a pinch.

24. Easily create your own soap-boat racetrack.

Lean how at I Heart Naptime. (Aluminum foil can sub in for a wider racetrack.)

25. Convert a bead container to a customizable snack storage container.

26. Use old candy tins to make your own magnetic travel games.

Learn how HERE.

27. Muffin tins make great condiment service dishes.

Also cuts down on dishwashing!

28. Keep your kiddo's suitcase under control by separating clothes by day.

The ziplocks can double as wet bags for messy clothes needing to return home.

29. Bring a fitted sheet to the beach and say goodbye to sandy blankets.

Have a great summer!

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