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    27 Ridiculously Cool Homeschool Rooms That Will Inspire You

    Class is in session.


    1. Turn a garage into an open-air classroom.

    Jade Chang / Via

    A long table makes a great 3-seater desk.

    2. Stay organized by color coding your storage.

    Visit The Moffat Girls to see every detail of this incredibly organized room!

    3. Color coding can also help students keep track of which supplies are theirs.

    4. Everything has a place, everything in it's place.

    Use pencil jars to store small items. (Find more homeschool inspiration at The Handmade Home.)

    5. The Ikea Expedit is a homeschooler's best friend.

    The 6 foot cubic shelf provides tons of great organizing space.

    6. Color coordination wins every time.

    Take a page from Little Sprouts Academy in Colorado and organize your art supplies by color.

    7. Keep your colors chill.

    See more of this "soothing and energizing" room at Perfectly Imperfect.

    8. Use small rugs to create work areas for students to sit and focus.

    Visit My Small Potatoes for great tips from an experienced educator who now teaches out of her home.

    9. Or grab an area rug to bring joyful color to your workspace.

    This gorgeous homeschool room was designed by Land of Nod for blogger Diana Stone.

    10. Embrace a vintage school-room look.

    Mid century furniture and classic classroom chairs are always floating around on Craigslist.

    11. Leave some empty frames available to rotate through student artwork.

    The Kavanaugh Report has a great montessori room complete with this DIY alphabet felt board.

    12. Keep things centered.

    13. Create an educational and decorative "Math Market."

    14. Not using your formal dining room? Reclaim it as your classroom!

    15. You can keep the table (above) or lose it (below) and give the room new life!


    16. Let students design their own alphabet for the walls.

    17. Lockers put you in the school mood and give kiddos a place to store call their own.

    Darcy at Just a Night Owl snagged this set for her daughter who had been looking forward to getting her own locker as a Middle School milestone.

    18. For a breakfast nook school room, use kitchen cubbies to store curriculum.

    Find more ideas at Org Junkie.

    19. Use picture rails to create a library corner.

    20. Maps make a phenomenal wall covering.

    21. So does chalkboard paint.

    This wall belongs to Libbie Grove.

    22. Keep things simple with open storage bins.

    Julie Ranee Photography

    23. Create cubicles for kids to call their own.

    Derek Lepper Photography / Via

    24. Have multiple flexible workspaces.

    25. Use a shoe organizer to keep extra supplies close at hand.

    26. Store books where students will be tempted to read them.

    27. They'll be counting down the days until school begins!

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