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24 Forgotten Items All Late '90s Teen Girls Were Slightly Obsessed With

Remember when all you wanted in life was a long denim A-line skirt from Delia's?

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5. Glints (if you were looking for something a little more committal):

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It was so subtle your parents probably didn't even notice you dyed your hair.


17. Face and body glitter:

If you didn't have sparkles encircling your eyelids, you weren't living.


21. Your custom day planner:

Before you could express yourself with your choice of phone case, your choice of planner said everything people needed to know about how you wanted the world to see you. Plus it held all the photos you took at the mall with your friends.

22. J.A.N.E. cosmetics:

Long before you discovered the MAC counter or Sephora, you were stocking up on every shade that hit the Target shelves.