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    23 Questions Parents Have For Toddlers

    Did you just put your finger up your butt and smell it?

    1. Are you pretending to miss Grandma just to piss me off?

    Christingasner / Getty Images

    2. When has whining ever ended well for you?

    Li Chaoshu / Getty Images

    3. Why won't you let me pee alone?

    Milenko Bokan / Getty Images

    4. How are you not starving?

    Pavel Losevsky / Getty Images

    Humans can not live on boogers alone.

    5. Seriously, how come you'll chow down on those boogers but refuse to try my cooking?

    Jackf / Getty Images

    6. Do you really think I can't see you?

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    7. Who the hell taught you to negotiate like this?

    Stephanie Frey / Getty Images

    And will they teach me?

    8. Are you deleting my apps on purpose?

    Bananastock / Getty Images

    Stop it.

    9. What exactly do you think that daddy longlegs is going to do to you if I don’t kill it?

    Svetlana Zayats / Getty Images

    We've talked about how they don't bite, right?

    10. When you ask for a snack at bedtime, are you consciously bullshitting me, or is that instinct?

    Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

    11. Were you really asleep when you wet the bed?

    Xavier_s / Getty Images

    Or did you just not feel like getting up?

    12. What's in your mouth?

    Fuse / Getty Images

    13. Level with me: You've mastered fake tears, haven't you?

    Katrina Brown / Getty Images

    Because there's no way you recovered that fast.

    14. Do you really not know it's only been two minutes since the last time you asked if we were there yet?

    Vstock Llc / Getty Images

    15. Where is your other shoe?

    Olga Sapegina / Getty Images

    16. What do you find redeeming or likeable about Caillou?

    Photodisc / Getty Images

    Are you punishing me?

    17. Do you have any idea how rude it is to ignore someone who is right in front of you?

    Lunamarina / Getty Images

    18. Did you honestly pee before we left the house?

    Nadyasabeva / Getty Images

    Because there's no way you need to go again already.

    19. Can you seriously not smell yourself?

    Rickt99 / Getty Images

    20. Do you sneak out of your room at night and scatter legos for me to step on?

    Shane Trotter / Getty Images

    21. Do you think that dirt is an acquired taste?

    Galina Barskaya / Getty Images

    Is that why you keep trying it over and over again?

    22. Would you seriously rather keep crapping your pants than use a toilet?

    Evgenyatamanenko / Getty Images

    23. When did you get so big?

    James Peragine / Getty Images

    Can you not?

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