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21 Things Every Expectant Mom Should Bring To The Hospital

Unless you hate comfort. Or don't like to carry a lot of stuff.

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1. Hair ties, clips, a headband, and (duh) dry shampoo.

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We’re not saying you have to bring all of these things (except the dry shampoo — bring the dry shampoo), but you do need to bring what’s necessary to comfortably restrain your hair, because girl, if you have bangs, they will be sticking straight up in about 5 minutes.


4. ...Or a comfy nursing gown.

Nursing gowns, or even loose-fitting jersey dresses, come in handy for feeling comfortable while leaving your war-torn nether regions easily accessible for hospital staff. (Oh, motherhood.)

5. Mints. You're definitely going to want mints.


It's a small room and people will be getting real close to you. After a few hours your mouth starts to feel like a locker room.


9. Depends

Yes, the adult diaper kind. Screw the mesh panties and pads, it's time to bring out the big guns. (Alternately, buy yourself some cotton granny panties that can handle a super absorbency pad.)


13. Snacks, man.


Don't count on the hospital to feed you in a timely fashion, or to feed your partner at all. You're gonna want those chocolate covered pretzels/apples/roast beef sandwich.

15. Your usual travel cosmetic bag.

Having your own toothpaste, toothbrush, and even a little makeup if you're feelin' it can make all the difference. And OMG you're gonna want your deodorant. Postpartum life is sweaty as hell.


17. A nursing pillow.

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I know what you're thinking -- hospitals have pillows, but they're flat and they don't breathe, and you'll have 50 stacked on top of you before your baby reaches your breast.

21. An extra bag for all the diapers and peri bottles and sitz baths and nasal extractors you're going to take when you leave. You're paying for it either way.


A lot of hospitals will provide you with promotional products as well. Ask your nurse about extra diapers, formula, diaper bags, bottles, and more.


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